Okay, here it goes.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna be getting back to TS3 any time soon. Not because I don’t like it. I love it. But I still have a crappy PC and by my estimation, I should be getting a new one around New Year’s. 

So, the point it. I’m gonna be sticking with TS4 for the time being. It’s easily bootable, it doesn’t lag, and it’s actually fun. If you’re not interested in TS4, that’s quite fine. But if you don’t wanna see ts4 on your dash, you should unfollow me. 

That’s all folks.

Okay! Everyone sleeping in a bra, just stop!

You are completely obliterating my point!!! 

All I wanted was to make a funny post about bras that’s gonna get two or three likes. And it all turned into some big ‘why do you hate bras’ fest. Stop it. I don’t like it.

Just like I don’t like sleeping in bras.

thenoisyneutron replied to your post: “thenoisyneutron replied to your post: “thenoisyneutron replied to your…”:
you make bras sound so painful lol. -shrugs- I always found them to be quite comfortable and my boobs look and feel great anyway 8)

I don’t think they’re painful xD I just find sleeping in them uncomfortable. And unnecessary. You know how you take off your make up at night, so your skin gets to breathe a little. Well, I think the same should apply to your body. You take off your bra so you can just be free in bed. Without having to adjust your positions all the time ‘cause this is digging in, or that is scratching, or even worse, when the bra gets unclasped during night and you’re stuck in this limbo of discomfort, but you’re asleep and don’t quite get why you feel that discomfort. 

I just think, us girls, should get to treat ourselves to certain liberties when there’s no one but us we need to impress. So yeah, I wear a bra too when I wanna feel nice in a new blouse. But at night, I wanna feel all the comfort I can and not worry if my ratty old PJs make me look presentable. 

I like sports bras because they still support everything just right, but I’m also able to move completely freely. 

touchmypixels replied to your post: “mittythekitty reblogged your post: I sleep in my bra sometimes, too….”:
I used to sleep in my bra when I was younger. Then my mom told me my boobs won’t grow if I did that so I stopped. But I have small boobs anyway. COINCIDENCE??? I think not. jk idek if that’s true

I have small boobs too. And I don’t wear bras to bed, so yeah, I don’t think that’s true, but still, in case it is, one more reason to no wear a bra to bed. 

inspiredbyasher replied to your post: “mittythekitty reblogged your post: I sleep in my bra sometimes, too….”:
Lol am I the only one who sleep bra-less. I barely ever wear one tbh unless I have to go out. And even then I might wear a wonder bra or bandeau.

No, I sleep bra-less too. And during day, I mostly wear sports bras. Oh, you can’t imagine how happy I was when I bought myself my first sports bra. It was like Christmas came earlier. It was pure magic. 

mittythekitty reblogged your post:

I sleep in my bra sometimes, too. They’re comfortable and most don’t have underwires so I just forget to take them off.

Also - when you sleep with your bra on, your boobs take longer to start sagging. Fact.

Oh come on! Is a year or two of unsaggy boobs really worth all the restriction? What’s a life if you can’t at least sleep with nothing squeezing you from all sides. 

thenoisyneutron replied to your post: “thenoisyneutron replied to your post: “I can take shity writing, I can…”:
I don’t know I’ve done it forever but I do take it off or wear sports bra often but before I would never sleep without a bra idk DONT JUdge meeee

I can’t not judge you xD you subject your boobies to unnecessary torture. How can you be so mean? That’s downright mean. That’s just mean. You’re a mean mean person. 

You know what, you should take your boobies for a girls night out. Just you and them, enjoying yourself, in pjs, and some ice-cream. Put on some nice music, maybe take a bubble bath, and treat them with kindness and respect they deserve.

I can take shity writing, I can take lousy characters. I can take all of it.

But I can’t take this stupid idea TV show producers have where they think girls sleep in their bras. 

We do not wear bras a second longer than what’s absolutely necessary. The moment we feel like we could get away with not wearing a bra, we take it off. 

Coming home from work, our bras are off before our shoes. Sometimes we unclasp them before even unlocking the door.

That’s how much we DO NOT SLEEP IN BRAS.

Get it together!!!