but isn’t there this 4GB memory use limit for TS3?

I know EA says this, but I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest lie ever. You can run ts3 with 4gb, but not well haha.

I personally noticed a huge difference playing with 4gb RAM and then playing with 8gb. I would get RAM related crashes if more than 6 sims were on a lot with 4gb, and the rendering time was so slow.

Maybe it’s because they don’t expect people to use so many mods and cc, but I need my mods and stuff, so I made sure I went on the higher end of the RAM scale haha.

You see, I don’t think RAM related crashes are related ONLY to RAM. Despite the name. I have 3GB of RAM, and use more than 4GB of CC (including heavy duty nRaas mods + gazillion tuning mods), and play my game on all the highest settings, and I haven’t had a single RAM related crash in all the years I’ve been playing it. I had one, and only one, error 12 crash and that’s about it. 

Now, I’m not saying I know how to treat my computer better than others, but I hope you do realise you can’t have Sims running, and then five more games in the background. I hope that’s a given, that when you play sims, all the other unnecessary processes are closed. I mean Noelyely can run fifteen games at the same time since she has 16512114654 GB of RAM, but us mere mortals, we gotta shut those off. 

I too had to sacrifice some things. I uninstalled World Adventures, Ambitions, Showtime and Into the Future. I only play in small/medium worlds. I keep my town population on a strict 75 residents diet. Mine is the only household allowed pets. It’s tough, gets frustrating from time to time, but girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I can’t afford lean, mean, fighting machine, so I gotta choose my battles carefully, And if that means no chrome/photoshop/aimp3/Assassin’s Creed while playing Sims, so be it.

What I’m saying is, you can play Sims on 4GB of RAM, and well. You can play it on 3GB of RAM, and you can play it well. But you’re gonna need to cut back on some things. Balance. You can’t play Sims + all EPs, in fully populated St. Claire with 54654 GB of CC. But you can play it without a few EPs, in fully populated Enekjaer, with 4GB of CC. 

So there. You’ve all seen my game. Some hate it, some tolerated it, but you can’t deny that visually it looks way better than a 3GB RAM PC should.